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West Coast Sports Cards

Football Boxes, Packs, & Singles

We have a great selection of football hobby boxes, packs, and singles at great prices!

Baseball Boxes, Packs, Singles

We have a great selection of baseball hobby boxes, packs, and singles at great prices!

Basketball Boxes, Packs, Singles

We have a great selection of basketball hobby boxes, packs, and singles at great prices!

Baseball Recent Releases

2018 Bowman Draft
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2019 Gypsey Queen
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2019 Heritage
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2019 Topps Inception
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2019 Topps Series 1
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Basketball Recent Releases

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Magic the Gathering

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We have traveled the world in pursuit of collections of all sizes.Some of the countries we have traveled to include Philippines, Italy, China, Japan, Amsterdam, Germany, Greece, Turkey, and many more.

No collection is too large or small, too near or too far!! Warehouse finds, chain store overstock, Estates, private collections, Storage finds, Pallets, cases, boxes you name it. No transaction is to large.

wizards-of-the-coast-logo-png-transparent.png We've spent over 1 million dollars on loose Wizards of the coast product in a single transaction
We've once purchased 10,000 loose boxes of sports cards in a single transaction
mtg-logo.png We bought 40 pallets of
Magic the Gathering cases
in one transaction
2-the-latest-marvel-logo.jpglogo.png We picked up 140,000 comic books in just one transaction

Sell to a San Diego Comic Con guest speaker, an Overstreet price guide advisor, World Record Holder, and seller of the most valuable comic book in the world

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A Few Examples of some purchases we have made and would love to continue making:


We purchased an inventory of over 120,000 Comic Books!!
That was over 20 PALLETS of heavy lifting!! All from a former comic book shop owner!!
Who did he call first? He called us. If a comic shop owner knows who to call to get most for his collection and someone with the pockets deep enough to back it up, then so should you!!

Craigs list Caller

A Gentleman called us about buying his personal comic collection. Initially he brought in a few books to "test us". He asked how much I would pay for them. I offered him $350 for 2 of the books. His initial reaction was a bit standoffish. He then explained he had been offered $50 from 2 other dealers in the past. He felt his collection was OK, but certainly he would not expect to fetch anything like 10 grand or so for it. He kept the books he brought in and a week later invited me over to view the entire collection. Overall it was a very nice collection (other than the ones he drew on as a kid). There was no quibbling. I made him an offer he could not refuse. His reaction was priceless. At first he tried to keep a straight face, and bargain with me. We both knew it was more than fair, and afterword he admitted that it was about 4 times the amount he expected!! It's so nice to be able to break good news to someone rather the bad. Not everyone has the goods and it seems as if the ones that really don't know often do.


In one transaction we spent well over $1,000,000 ( Over One Million dollars) on a single purchase that consummated in our very own parking lot ! In another transaction, we purchased over 500 sealed cases of Magic the Gathering from a single anonymous ( All transactions are 100% confidential ) source in a single transaction

Large Finder's Fee paid for 10,000 BOXES OF SPORTSCARDS

In the summer of 2011 during a rare Washington Heat wave we found ourselves in a warehouse without A/C drooling over a former Card Shop Dealer's inventory consisting of over 10,000 Factory Sealed Boxes of Sports Cards. By the end of the day there were many sore backs, a very happy seller, a very happy buyer ( yours truly) , and a very happy camper who happened to have turned us on to the deal and received a very Generous Finders Fee!!

The Lee Collection ( Asia)

In the mid 1990's A Japanese business man had spent the better part of 10 years traveling to all of the major Comic shows throughout the United states in search of the highest graded copies of key silver age Marvel comic books. He had amassed and enviable and nationally known collection. While this was less than only 600 books, it was the quality of his Gem Mint Vintage books that counted, not the quantity. Gem mint vintage books are not easy to find and we pay GOOOOOOOOD $$$$ for books like these !!! . A trip to Asia and 2 weeks later a deal was struck. If a person such as Mr. Lee is going to spend 10 years piecing together a museum quality collection, you can rest assured he equally prudent in picking out the right buyer to sell his collection to. He chose.... us !! There have been numerous dealings over the years and these are just a few of the highlights. - I will close with one of my favorites -

The 7-11 Clerk

A former 7-11 clerk called our store and said he had a bunch of cards from 1986. After arriving he explained he loved baseball, but the 7-11 he worked at only had basketball cards, so out of pure boredom he would open up a few packs each shift. He amassed about 1500 of these "damned basketball cards" as he put it. . Unbeknownst to him these were 1986/87 Fleer Basketball Cards, the Michael Jordan Rookie year !! As I looked at thru them, I asked if had an amount in mind. He said about $200 bucks as he was hoping to raise money for a softball uniform. I paused for a moment, looked at him and asked him how much a full uniform would run. He replied, about $400. I then reached down and proceeded to count out, not $200, but $2,000 and told him "great, now you have enough to buy 5 uniforms!!!" At the time that was a great offer, today ... they would be worth considerably more !!

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